June 7, 2011

Someone is 9!

My youngest child is 9 today. He is still the delight of his family, full of curiosity and imagination.

He was a "late bloomer" in reading. I suspect he has some right-brain thinking going on. Imaginative people sometimes have difficulty with concrete learning objectives. We started using Right Brained Phonics with him. I'm very impressed with the results. I'd say he's right on track and reading at a 3rd grade level (for me this means he can easily read books on 3rd grade reading lists). He has been working hard and is currently reading the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell. I used this series to sort of bribe him into reading harder books. He loves dragons and dinosaurs.

He is a fun loving kid. He likes to snuggle with his family. He's so thoughtful about showing his affection. He also still terrorizes his big brothers. It seems to be his job to keep them on their toes, as it often goes with younger siblings. He builds up their character and reminds them to keep their stuff put away. haha

He's one of those kids you can't keep in the house for very long. He starts to stare out of windows daydreaming. I have to give him his school work in small spurts or else the learning doesn't seem to stick quite as well. Rainy days equal a very restless little boy.

He's a great story teller like his big sister. I can often find him and her making up new stories together.

Being homeschooled, he is very "young" for his age. I'm glad for it. One of the reasons I homeschool is so that my kids don't have to grow up so fast. However, pairing that with the fact that he's also pretty big for his age, gives him the effect of a bull in a china shop.

He has a great sense of humor and is usually easy going. He bounces back very quickly from hurt feelings or being corrected for wrong behavior. He's always a good sport when I suggest we try something new. I can count on him to get excited about a new project.

I just love this kid.


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