June 7, 2011

Camping Trip

The first camping trip a few weeks ago, was our test run. We are working our way up to a really big camping trip next year.

We're getting quite efficient at packing for a family of 6.

Our campsite opened up right to the water, so we thought we'd try our hands at night fishing.

However the bullfrogs were extremely loud...and creepy. They were everywhere, and they croaked constantly. Until, about 10:00 when they all stopped at the exact same time. Freaky.

I taught the boys how to play Kings in the Corner, a game my grandma taught me as a kid.

Jeremiah went strong until out of the blue he'd just crash. He did this both nights.

Leon caught himself a nice size catfish. He'd been frustrated because the fish were biting, just not on his line.

My favorite part about camping is camp-breakfast. There is nothing like the smell of bacon, eggs, and pancakes cooking outside in the early morning. I always volunteer to cook breakfast.

Having a clothesline just makes camp that much more comfortable. Especially for a large family (6 beach towels, 6 swimsuits, etc). Being prepared to wash dishes is also a great idea. We all take turns, except for Leon. He does most of the cooking.

When all of the work was done, I'd float. I like floating very much. It makes all the work that goes into getting a family of 6 outdoors worth it.


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