February 25, 2013

Morning Success

5:00 -Alarm goes off. I get up and get in some exercise.

5:20 -Jump in the shower. I took the time to shave my legs.

5:45 -I'm showered, dressed and downstairs in the kitchen. A pot of coffee is brewing and I'm making my lunch.

6:00 -I have plenty of time before I need to get to work. I have time to enjoy a magazine (my favorites are Real Simple, Redbook, and Rachel Ray), my morning coffee, a half a bagel, and a boiled egg.

6:30 -My hair is mostly dry so I polish it off with the dryer. I use the cold setting for really straight hair. I apply makeup (I even have time for eyeliner this morning).

6:45 -I am ready for work. I herd the kids around into their morning routine. Mostly, I harass them into eating breakfast and brushing their teeth. I spend the next 20 minutes or so going over hotel room availability, statistic reports, and checking out the rates of my competition.

7:15 -Kids are ready for school, I'm completely ready for work. The husband is thoroughly kissed and after I hit post, I'm out the door.

2 hours and 15 minutes from the time my alarm went off and I have applied a little attention to the things that make my day great. I feel prepared to take on whatever today throws at me.

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