February 8, 2013


This week, I lost two key employees, caught the flu, and worked round the clock. It took my boss sending me home for me to stop and take care of myself. It's not that I am especially insane, I just have a severely strong sense of responsibility. I love my job and feel driven to keep/make my hotel successful.

So the two employees I lost this week worked my night audit. One employee did not give any notice. I could not find coverage for her shift, so I ended up working 24 hours straight. I also came down with the flu at the same time. It was a very long night. Thankfully, another employee cut her vacation short to help me out so I could finally go home and get some rest.

While my week majorly sucked in many ways there were several highlights. I spent sometime with our Franchise Consultant. I learned a lot about being competitive in our market. Ha! I feel like such a grown up looking at reports, comparing numbers, setting rates, and making decisions. I'm really exciting about learning more about my position and work towards advancement.

I was able to surprise a couple of my employees with some appreciation today. There are very few things that feel better than being able to slide some cash in the hands of the people who hold you up.

I was also given praise and encouragement from my own boss. It came with a dose of some constructive criticism, but I feel confident that I'm doing good things with my current position. I'm looking forward to growing with the company. More good things to come!

I took a day off to try to recoup from the flu. I spent some time on the sofa watching old tv shows with my sweet girl. I don't have time to be sick so I didn't give in to it long. I'm still not 100% but I'm definitely getting better.

I still have teenagers who need a lot of checking up on to get school work done. One of them is still being particularly stubborn and needing an extra push in the right direction.

Being a manager is hard. You have to give 100%, 100% of the time to 100% of the people in your life. It's an impossible position because even the small things are a big deal when they matter to someone else. People won't work hard for you if they don't feel like they matter. You have to be available stop, listen, and appreciate. Realistically, you can't be everything to every one, but you have to try without ceasing.

You also have to pace yourself and prioritize. It is a high stress job, where you are on call 24/7. Life becomes a waffle. Each person gets a nook and the syrup is your time and attention. Your family should have the center nooks where you pour the most syrup, but every nook does get the syrup it needs.


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