May 5, 2012

Garden Progress

My raised beds are done, filled, and planted. I kept my sandbox/herb planter. The parsley kinda took over though.

So I took some old flower pots and used them for the other herbs we like.

The first bed is going to have watermelon that we just planted this week. Crossing our fingers for juicy yummies this summer!

The second bed has 3 Roma tomato plants, 3 heirlooms, lots of garlic, basil, and marigold seeds. I planted the three marigolds you see from plants. All of these are good companions. The garlic repels bad bugs. Basil helps improve grown and flavor (may also help with pests). The marigolds attract garden friends like butterflies to help pollinate my tomatoes.

The third bed has snow peas, bush beans, and cantaloupe.

My broccoli is not doing so well. I've changed jobs so I haven't had the time to devote to pest control. I might let them go and try again this fall.


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