March 4, 2012


I'm ditching most of my containers and building some raised beds. I live in a townhome so this is kinda a big deal commitment for us. We'll be spending a bit of money on dirt to fill my boxes. I can probably take the boxes I'm building with me when I move, but I don't think I'll be able to take the dirt. Or if I do, certainly not all of it.

My backyard will be much prettier for it, I'm sure. The buckets were becoming an eyesore (they started to breed like rabbits and we were being overrun with them).

I'm writing up my plans now. I'm definitely planting summer squash and pumpkin. I think I'll skip the cucumbers this year. They were fun, but we don't eat enough pickles to make it worth preserving them.

I'd like to grow watermelon for the kids as a summer treat. Last year we got some gorgeous vines but no melons. This year I'm going to try a little harder.

I'd like to do broccoli and green beans. And of course I'll do lots of tomatoes and herbs. I'm moving most of my herbs to pots on the front porch. I might try growing some garlic in my sandbox, won't that be fun?

Back to my boxes, we are going to build them out of pallets using our friend Dave's plans. We'll get started today if the weather cooperates (it's currently rainy and nasty).

So container gardening has been fun but not so very fruitful. I'm moving on to the greener side of the fence...I hope. :)


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