December 27, 2011

Target Practice

We made our own target out of hay bales, burlap, and brass paper fasteners. It was so easy. You can read more about how it was done over at my Zombie blog here

We spent quite a while at target practice on Christmas Day. The boys got a pellet gun and a compound bow for Christmas. Joshua got a bb gun from my brother for Christmas.

The weather was beautiful the next day, so we headed back out for a longer practice session. You can see our target improved as time went by.

The girl came out to shoot with us. Her brother helped her. He even pet her to show his affection. 

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite past-times with the kids.



  1. Great pictures! My son got a Remington air rifle from his grandfather this past Christmas. Shooting it off together is becoming a favorite pastime with us too!

  2. We loved this idea so much we built one in our own backyard!!!


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