April 22, 2011

The Worm Book

This book is like having a Worm Bible. It's much better than Worms Eat My Garbage.

In my quest to grow organic food and live "green", I've discovered vermiculture. A typical compost pile can take 3 months to a whole year to be ready to use as fertilizer. Worms can turn kitchen and yard waste into cold (ready-to-use) compost in as little as 30 days.

Worms also need very little attention. You feed them once a week, inspect the bin for predators, and leave them alone. The leave them alone part seems to be the hardest here. They are very interesting to watch, and my youngest has upset the bin almost everyday to see how much the worms have eaten.

The Worm Book walks you through each step of worm farming. My favorite part is the trouble shooting: what to do if your worm bin smells bad, what if my worms escape. Worm composting attracts other species to your bin. Knowing which visitors are bad guys and which are good guys is very helpful. It even gives advice on how to get rid of any pests you don't want. Information like this sets this book apart from the others I've looked at.

However, we will not be making use of the final chapter: Cooking with Earthworms. *blech*blech*patooey*


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