November 7, 2011

Zombie Apocalypse Survivalists

I am in the throes of a few big projects. One of them is starting a local Emergency Preparedness group with other local families. It's more than just a Prepper group. We are also learning more about self sufficiency or urban homesteading. Something near and dear to my heart.

We started a blog (because I needed another one?). I'm really excited about it. You should check it out, Zombie Apocalypse Survivalists. We don't really believe in a coming Zombie Apocalypse, or maybe we do..., but it is a fun theme. It's good to be prepared for anything. We'll be calling ourselves Z.A.S. for short.

The blog is really cool because we are such a diverse group and several of us are contributing. There are so many different perspectives and values coming to the table. I love these people very much. We are also just getting started. By reading the blog you'll see something great come together from the beginning.

I'll share a few of our projects here as we go. Don't forget to check out the blog when you leave here!


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  1. We love you too, Mandy! You have inspired me to be better in so many ways, from homeschooling, to scouts, and now to be working on the ZAS withyou is awesome! Keep up the great work, you rock!


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