October 22, 2011

Out of Doors

Yesterday, we put together hobos and spent the rest of the evening outside.

If you've never made a hobo, here's the basics: meat, veggies (we used red potatoes, yams, carrots, and onions), seasoning, herbs, and a pat of butter all wrapped up in foil. I'm not a fan of foil. If I had a dutch oven, we would have used that instead.

You wrap the foil up tight and put it on the coals to cook. A couple of Boy Scouts made this fire, so it's too big for our little pit. We had to put our hobos right on the flames. This still works as long as you rotate the packages often and don't mind a little charbroil flavor.

While the boys kept an eye on dinner, I caught up on some gardening chores. 

My sweet pepper plants surprised me with a few last minute gifts. Up until now, my sweet peppers have not produced anything at all.

It was also time to finish harvesting the herb bed. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with my "planter" next year. Maybe I'll just keep using it as an herb bed. It did quite well. It would also be pretty for flowers.

My final bounty.

The kids set the table for us and brewed some iced tea. They worked hard to make this meal come together. They make me so happy.

Dinner was delicious. It was a very peaceful evening..


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