July 5, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet

We are currently on summer break from school. Usually that means we do math here and there, and cover some fun things we didn't get to during the year.

Right now we are studying William Shakespeare. We're going over Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the Taming of the Shrew. All of which are my favorite works from The Bard.

I picked up Gnomeo and Juliet. I love garden gnomes and thought it looked cute. It turned out to be a fun movie, very charming. In many ways, it was like Toy Story.

There was a scene where Gnomeo ends up with the statue of William Shakespeare and they talk about the ending of the original play. Which was great, because this was a children's film and the story was softened for the sake of young ones. So while Gnomeo and Juliet was not a tragedy, I'm glad they at least talked about the ending of Romeo and Juliet.

Besides, who can help but love Sir Elton John in such fine ceramic splendor?


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